Electric clocks
(a modest collection)

by Paul Hageman



Good of you to take a look at the digital version of one of my hobbies, in this case my modest collection of electric clocks. Years ago it so happened that I saw a Brillié clock at a friends house and almost immediately I became fascinated by the appearance of this clock rather than by the technology. So I bought a Brillié and with this one clock 'the fences could have been down' were it not that I was severely limited by both space and available pecunia. But ... it was obvious that this clock would not be the last one!

Soon the question suggested itself on how to collect. Different types of the same make? Or should diversity be the better option? I chose the latter, but not really consistent as you will see. As part of an ongoing endeavour to 'collection improvement' the first clock has already been replaced by a nicer/better specimen of the same manufacturer and this will probably happen more often. The collection consists mainly of clocks from the first half of the 20th century. Well known and less known clocks.
Full of admiration I have been listening to and looking at collectors, clockmakers and dealers who, in my eyes, know 'everything' about electric clocks. Our talks taught me a lot and I really do envy their knowledge and skills. Without wanting to leave anyone out, I want to thank my teachers of the first hour (in alphabetical order): Jan van Harten (NL), Ian Stock (UK), Joep van den Tillaard (NL) and Gijs Veraart (NL). Unfortunately technique is still not my forte.

                      the heart of the collection ...
                                         (click to enlarge)

So please, neither expect profound technical descriptions of the clocks, nor elaborate historical explanations about the various manufacturers. About a large number of manufacturers very little is known for that matter. Others before me have already described electric clocks in a way I could never match. A beautiful site in this field is that of Mr. Ted Bosschieter, entitled: A history of the evolution of electric clocks. If you do not know this site, which I can hardly imagine, it is more than worth a visit. Also all animations on my site come from Mr. Bosschieter. Clicking on the Dutch word 'animatie' will open full size animations. For the proper functioning of these animations Adobe® Shockwave Player needs to be installed on your computer. If necessary you can download it here free of charge. You may copy text and images on this site, provided it will not be used for commercial purposes.

Any comments on or additions to the descriptions of the clocks are highly appreciated. You can reach me via the e-mail link below. The navigation on the site is simple. Below you will see a table with pictures and names of the clocks in the collection. If you clock on a image, you will go to the page of that particular clock. When on that page a picture is clicked, the image will be shown enlarged. If applicable, relevant links will be listed on the page of the clock.

All the descriptions are in Dutch but words can hardly describe what a picture will show you in an instant.


Overzicht 002.jpg (87965 bytes)

... and a few more
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    With the button  Start you go to the home page (in Dutch) and the button  Terug takes you back to the page you came from. 

All this said, I hope that you may take some pleasure in your visit to this site. Maybe just as much pleasure as I took in making it and in my collection.

Paul Hageman 



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Ato hang 001.jpg (240411 bytes)


01.jpg (277088 bytes)


aTo moeder 50er 017 A.jpg (193281 bytes)


Bardon 01.jpg (296354 bytes)


Bayard 013.jpg (282456 bytes)


Brillié glas 002.jpg (312666 bytes)

  ATO Electrique ATO Art Deco ATO industrial master clock Bardon Bayard Brillié  

  Brillié nikkel 03.jpg (90156 bytes)

Bulle glas 02.jpg (255292 bytes)

IMG_0717.JPG (310881 bytes)

Cluses 027.jpg (327778 bytes)

Elbeck 014.jpg (393416 bytes)

  Brillié (nikkel) Bulle Clock Bulle Clock Charvet - Delorme Cluses A. Elbeck  


Electric 043.jpg (461879 bytes)

German - Peweta master 940.jpg (88282 bytes)

Paul Garnier 011.jpg (272733 bytes)

Lepaute 004.jpg (304324 bytes)

Lepaute modern 01.jpg (78418 bytes)

Magneta 01.jpg (55186 bytes)

  Electric Electronic
master clocks 
Paul Garnier Henry Lepaute Lepaute Electrique Magneta  


synchronome 01.jpg (71778 bytes)

Vaucanson 04.jpg (244632 bytes)

  Synchronome Vaucanson Western Union        

  Gents sec. slaaf 001.jpg (84247 bytes) Brillie secondenslaaf 01.jpg (102526 bytes) Krone 01.jpg (100998 bytes) Seike seconds slave 01.jpg (100015 bytes)      
  Slave clocks
Slave clocks
Slave clocks
Slave clocks

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